Helping UK businesses manage staff safely during the coronavirus pandemic.



What's in it for you?

Hi, I'm Carolyn Mumby, CEO of Eledecks HR and soon after COVID -19 took hold in the UK, it became clear pretty quickly that HR specialists like me were being overwhelmed by enquiries from clients needing HR and employment law support and that events were developing so fast that none of us could keep up with government announcements AND talk to clients individually on the phones. There just weren't enough hours in the day!

So my team and I created an online Toolkit which managers could use to manage day to day events and that was a great start because it includes a policy document, briefing notes, letters and daily updates.

However, my clients were still asking for advice with specific problems and so I suggested a daily live webinar, free to join, so I could answer their questions and we could share best practice. It proved a hit and so we scheduled the first one for Monday 23rd March 2020.

As the situation spread across the country and people started reaching out to help each other, we decided to open the group to all UK businesses if they would help to raise awareness by sharing this page with their networks.

The community is FREE to join and gives you access to the group, my daily webinar and the online Toolkit all of which could prove a lifeline during the coming weeks. See you on the other side.

Join the community and gain some peace of mind.

Share your concerns and your experiences with like minded business managers and secure your invitation to the Toolkit and live Webinars.